1. How do I add new fonts to my software

Launch the PulseKiosk™ Administrator software and click on Fonts from the menu. Select the Category where the font will be added. Click on the button next to the Name field to display the Select a TrueType Font drop-down list and then select the TrueType font from the list to add to the software. Be sure to check the Active box for the font to appear in PulseKiosk and then click Submit.

2. Where can I change the table size for a garment?

To change the table size, go to the PulseKiosk™ Administrator software and select Products from the menu. Select the garment from the list, i.e. ‘Simple M' and then select the 'Sides' tab. Under 'Assigned Sides' select any of the available sides (for example, 'front' or 'back'). Select a new table side from the Table drop-down list on the right-hand side. Click Submit to change the table for this garment.

3. How can I make color adjustments to my design?

Select the image you wish to color adjust and then select the Color Replace tool (the icon for this looks like a paint can) from the settings pane. In the new window, position the circular pointer over the color to change in the design. Select the check box for ‘All Areas’ to replace all areas of the selected color in that design. Leave unchecked to change only the selected area of that color. Click the paint palette icon to select a new color and click OK. When you are happy with the results, click Save.

4. Where do I make editing changes to my lettering?

Select the text you wish to edit. On the right-hand side is a settings pane where you can adjust the font type, font color; as well as, add a border, envelope, or mask to your text.

5. Where do I change the color of my garment?

Select the color swatch icon located to the bottom left of the garment. From the color list that appears, select a different color. You can add more colors to the color list through the Administrator software.

6. How can I resize/rotate my design?

When an image is selected, a box with handles is visible around the image. Left click and drag the corner handle bars to resize your image. To rotate left, click and hold the rotate handle bar and move to adjust the rotation of the image.